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Language Tuition Milton Keynes was founded in 2009.

Now, we have a small team of native German, qualified tutors working for LTMK and are very pleased to say that we moved into our own new premises in January 2017.

As well as teaching German, Julia is also running a local Meetup group called “Treffpunkt Deutsch” ( bringing people together to speak German. The group has over 200 members to date.


  • a GSCE student  preparing for your exam, whether you want 
    help to revise all topic areas or you just need to focus on one specific area.
  • an A-Level student who needs support with your written work, for 
    example writing about a German film. We have extra resources such as 
    film reviews and press coverage from Germany.
  • a business person whose company has suppliers, customers or offices 
    in another country and would like to be able to speak some of the language, 
    understand the culture and develop the business etiquette to make it easier to 
    develop business relationships and understand each other.
  • planning a trip abroad and you would like to learn some of the language such
    as booking hotel rooms or a restaurant table, ordering food and paying for items.
    table, giving and receiving directions, and more…
  • someone who would just like to learn a foreign language or improve 
    their pronunciation.