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Mein Name ist Julia und ich bin Ihre Deutschtutorin.

Let me tell you about my own experiences learning languages: 
Growing up, I did not have a great time at school and I suspect neither did the teachers (with me…)

The first foreign language I learnt was Latin. Looking back now, I sometimes wonder why the teacher made the lessons so mind-numbingly dull! I think it would have been so easy to make a language like Latin interesting to learn, with it’s history and relevance in the German as well as the English language! I did not appreciate this until much later. 

I also learnt English and a little French at school. From the English lessons, I mainly remember analysing Shakespeare but not learning to speak as much. Luckily, I met my British husband in Germany and could practice my English then.

Now however, I am proud that I “survived” school, the 8 years of Latin lessons, achieved the Advanced Latin Proficiency (das große Latinum) and can use my knowledge to teach German.

What I also learnt from my own time at school is how not to teach and I developed my own teaching style which is engaging, interesting and fun.

I love teaching and I think that comes across in my lessons. If students enjoy the learning process, they will find it easier to reach their full potential, enabling them to apply their language knowledge in real life situations.

Currently, I am trying to learn Italian and would love to learn some basic Arabic as well. 

I look forward to meeting you soon and sharing my native language and culture with you.